Mannheim Career Days 2022 – Eight Advisory extended its collaboration with the Mannheim University

At the Mannheim Career Days 2022, Eight Advisory extended its collaboration with the Mannheim University. Our Recruiting team attended the event on the 4th and 5th of April. The event was kicked off with a company presentation by our Partners Dennis Ginzkey and Curt-Oliver Luchtenberg.

On the second day, 11 of our colleagues a cross all service lines and grades joined to have exciting 1:1 chats with interested students. Furthermore, in the live booth sessions we were happy to give answers to students‘ questions regarding recent trends in the industry, the typical day as a consultant and analyst, our careers at Eight Advisory and how their future in our firm could look like.

We are delighted about the interest in our firm, services and development over recent years as well impressed by the amount and level of strong candidates participating in the event.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students making this event special with great conversations, the organizers preparing the platform for this exchange as well as the Mannheim University. Lastly, also a special thanks to all Eight Advisory colleagues participating in this event and supporting the Eight Advisory recruiting team next to their challenging projects. 

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